Firehose Project

Firehose Project is Now Part of Trilogy Education

We’re excited to share that we’ve been acquired by the world’s leading workforce accelerator.

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We help you establish a new career

We'll transform you into a web developer by teaching you to think like a developer. During the Program, we'll prepare you for the job transition with our end-to-end career preparation.



Full-Stack Web Development

Our online Program is designed to get you hired and succeed in your new career. You’ll build fully-functioning web applications, use real-world developer tools, and work as part of a development team to build an algorithm-driven app as part of an agile team. Do it all at your own pace and learn on your own schedule.

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Want to increase your frontend development skills? Our ReactJS course will teach you how to build complex user interfaces using this rapidly expanding framework. 

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About Us

Who are we?

We've been focused on cultivating high-quality web developers since 2013. After teaching in-person at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Brown University, we've migrated our Program online in order to make technical education accessible to everyone. 



An active global network

Our graduates come from a diverse range of backgrounds and go on to hold web development jobs all over the world.

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Making technology accessible to all

We've partnered with the US Department of Labor, Refugees-on-Rails, and the Youth Policy Institute to make education and web development more widely accessible. 

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Find the right option for you

Trying to figure out which path is best for you? Speak to an advisor to create a tailored plan to reach your career goals.