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Firehose Graduate

John Ellison

The Firehose Project is really a standard above the rest and you would do well to invest time and money there. If you're interested in getting a job as a web developer, I highly recommend you choose The Firehose Project.

Founder and Product Designer at Prosper


Job Search 101

Understand the Job Search Process

We’ll walk through how the job search process happens, detailing the main ways developers get jobs, making sure that you're ready to tackle the job search in a knowledgeable and effective way. You’ll learn about what companies actually expect from their developers and lay out what your first few months on the job will look like.

Create & Optimize Your Applications

Apply for Jobs

We’ll introduce the best job search strategy and outline the key stages. You’ll gain insight from industry professionals at places like HubSpot and DoorDash about how to craft your resume and write strong cover letters.

Build Your Developer Brand

Share Your Unique Story

Applying and interviewing are only a small part of the picture. We’ll teach you essential networking, storytelling, and design skills and show you how to best stand out to employers.

Continue Coding

Work On Your Own Projects

Execute on your unique brand. We’ll cover the importance of continuing to code during your job search– why it’s worth time away from applications and how it can actually help you succeed. We’ll present you with a variety of ways to do so.

Understand the Interview Process

Prepare for the Technical Interview

We’ll do a deep dive into the technical interview, reviewing key computer science principles, sharing interview best practices and what to avoid. We'll review essential technical concepts, including data structures, public key cryptography, Big-O notation, time algorithms, and more. We'll also cover the common screening challenges that you should be sure to know.


Full-Stack Web Development

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