How to Commit and Start Coding

Going through the right coding bootcamp is a life changing experience. You should be super excited right now. After all you're only a few short moments away from learning the skills to build and launch products that make peoples lives better.

Below are three final considerations to look at before you sign up to your winning coding bootcamp.

Payment Plans

Let's face it, coding bootcamps are expensive and not everyone can afford to pay $12,000 upfront for in-person coding bootcamps or $5,000 upfront for online coding bootcamps. That's why the best coding bootcamps offer multiple monthly payment plans to make it more doable for more people.

Most coding bootcamps will offer a tuition discount for all upfront payments and charge the full tuition amount for their three and five month payment plans. If you don't see any payment plans advertised, it might make sense to write a quick email to double check on it.

Refund Policies

Many coding bootcamps offer a refund policy in case you’re not happy and the program doesn’t live up to your expectations. The best coding bootcamps usually offer a refund policy that refunds you 100 percent of your tuition if you drop-out within the first week and prorated amount of the tuition if you drop-out after the first week.

Pull The Trigger and Pay

You’ve done your research and are ready to commit to the best coding bootcamp for your personal goals. Awesome! Now it's time to put down a deposit to reserve your seat in the next class or pay the whole tuition upfront.

Avoid procrastinating and "thinking it through" again and again. You've already made a decision and committing is the final step. Waiting around will only make things more difficult to remember.

After you’ve gone through this entire guide, completed your research and talked to several coding bootcamps, you are very likely to stand in front of our door.

Welcome to the Firehose Project - where real-world coding happens every single day!

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