Firehose Project

Start your career as a web developer

1-on-1 mentorship, real-world projects, and career support that works around your busy schedule.

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We help you establish a new career

We'll transform you into a web developer by teaching you to think like a developer. During the Program, we'll prepare you for the job transition with our end-to-end career preparation. 



Full-Stack Web Development

Our online Program is designed to get you hired and succeed in your new career. You’ll build fully-functioning web applications, use real-world developer tools, and work as part of a development team to build an algorithm-driven app as part of an agile team. Do it all at your own pace and learn on your own schedule.

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Coding Fundamentals

New to coding? Learn fundamentals online with personal feedback and code reviews designed to guide you through the process.

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Want to increase your frontend development skills? Our ReactJS course will teach you how to build complex user interfaces using this rapidly expanding framework. 

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Merit and Diversity


Every month we award multiple scholarships to students wanting to launch lucrative careers as web developers. Our scholarships assist those who are underrepresented in the technology industry, as well as high-achievers who need financial assistance.

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About Us

Who are we?

We've been focused on cultivating high-quality web developers since 2013. After teaching in-person at Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Brown University, we've migrated our Program online in order to make technical education accessible to everyone. 



An active global network

Our graduates come from a diverse range of backgrounds and go on to hold web development jobs all over the world.

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Making technology accessible to all

We've partnered with the US Department of Labor, Refugees-on-Rails, and the Youth Policy Institute to make education and web development more widely accessible. 

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Find the right option for you

Trying to figure out which path is best for you? Speak to an advisor to create a tailored plan to reach your career goals.