Firehose Project

Learn the fundamentals of coding

Start programming with HTML, CSS, and Ruby to see if web development is for you. Give coding a try.


Learn the Fundamentals

Intro to Software Engineering

You'll work with us to build multiple programs in Ruby. We'll provide you the technical feedback as you learn how to write programs, manage flow control, and use Ruby methods. At the end of this course, you'll have a live portfolio website to showcase your work.

Technical Feedback

This is where we teach you to think like a developer. We'll walk through your code, and your process to help you think about problem-solving in the right way.

Immediate Support

When you're stuck on a problem, every course comes with immediate support to keep you moving in the right direction.


Throughout the program, you'll work through a handful of challenges to practice what you're learning. Just like a developer on a team in the real world, you'll submit your code for review after completing each challenge.


Coding Fundamentals

Ready to see if web development is for you? Give coding a try.