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The technical skills gap in today’s world is massive and it continues to grow.

We started Firehose over 4 years ago to close this gap and give people the in-demand technical skills that aren’t taught in traditional 4-year college programs.

We started humbly by teaching web development to 25 students in a Boston classroom. Very quickly we expanded to teach hundreds of students at places like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Brown University, and Babson University.

Our in-person teaching experience helped us fundamentally understand how people learn technical skills. Before we even thought about building an online learning platform, we refined the Firehose teaching style for almost a year, constantly adapting our curriculum in the classroom.

We’ve grown up a lot since those early days. But we still draw from our in-classroom lessons to constantly improve our curriculum and learning experience.

Today, Firehose runs on an online learning platform, which includes career support, 1-on-1 training, and a dedicated team of trainers to help each member get the most out of the program.

At its core, Firehose simply gives you knowledge in a personal way that makes things click and stick. We call that our personal and smart learning experience.

Marco Morawec and Ken Mazaika



We were founded by teaching workshops at places like Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Brown University, and Babson University. Today, we're proudly headquartered in San Francisco, with remote teammates across the Midwest and the East Coast.

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Our trainers have over 683 years of combined web development experience. We personally match you with one of our expert trainers to coach you through each step of your journey.


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