Kathleen French

I've already gotten so much out of this program, and I'm very much indebted to what, in my honest view, comes across as a genuine concern and enthusiasm for coding and Firehose students' success. I encourage anyone who is interested and believes a remote program is the right fit for them to give Firehose a chance.

Software Engineer at BounceX
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Rajas Pargaonkar

I actually had to cut the course short because I got a job offer at a financial technology start-up almost two months before the course finished. [Firehose] may be one of the few bootcamps that actually has an advanced track (Angular, React, SQL, APIs, to name a few) that helps you continue learning on your own.

Web Developer at Predictive, Inc.
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Anna Canelas

The lessons are much better written than anything else I have used to learn programming. They guide you on how to build the projects while also explaining how everything works. At this point in the program I really feel like I am getting my money's worth so a big THANK YOU to the Firehose Team for putting me on the right track.

Software Apprentice at Gaslight
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Paul Kim

The best part of the bootcamp is that they teach you [to build] not just a website but a web application, and critical thinking. My goal [was] to land a position and after hard work I finally did. I honestly give credit to Firehose, and the push that this community gave to me.

Junior Web Developer at Swarm
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Charlie O'Hara

What drew me to the Firehose Project was the emphasis on algorithms and data structures, which is something that I needed to be exposed to if I expected to make it through a technical interview.

Big Data Engineer at Algebraix
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Weng Cheong Sin

I accepted a position as a software developer shortly after graduating.

Software Developer at Image Options
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Yury Voloshin

I've been working as a full-time web developer. After graduating Firehose, the efforts I've put into becoming a developer have finally paid off.

Trainee: Web Development Group of Columbia College
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Jose Moreno

The big difference at Firehose is the personal touch. I recommend the program to everyone. I mean, nothing is perfect, but I give you a 9.999.

Web Engineer at WeTransform
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Nathan Elliott

You have a forum for questions, a Slack channel full of awesome students, alumni, mentors, and staff who want to get to know you and help you, and Google+ community. I never had to wait long for help.

Programmer at Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Devin Mois

I loved my experience with the Firehose Project. The program delivers everything it boasts at a very affordable rate, but the community is what really makes it standout for me.

Software Engineer Intern at WEXS Health
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Alan Lim

The best part about this program is that they prepare you not just for Ruby, but for other object-oriented programming languages.

Ruby Developer at Active
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Audrey Wong

I switched into a new career before I even graduated from Firehose.

Technical Analyst at Madison Square Garden
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Rehan Ali

The Firehose Project is a fantastic bootcamp, whether you're a programming beginner or someone with coding experience.

Medical Imaging Software Engineer at Mirada Medical
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Aziz Sharipov

The Firehose Project gave me more coding and life experience than 4 years in university...And now I’m working in one of the best company in Kazakhstan, with great colleagues.

Junior Web Developer at iBEC Systems
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Jeff Gerlach

The project-based curriculum that the Firehose Project provides, combined with the supportive community and excellent one-on-one mentorship, allowed me to kickstart my learning and exposure to the world of full-stack development.

Software Engineer at TMC Design Corporation
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Gaby Castaneda

I recommend the Firehose Project if you are looking for a strong base to start your career in software/web development!

Software Engineer at Lytx
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Jonathan Pike

[The Agile Team Project] really gave me the opportunity to stretch my new developer wings and gain the confidence necessary to be able to go out into the world and present myself as a capable junior developer when it came time to look for jobs.

Web Developer at BioConnect
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Chris Salvi

To say I simply learned a marketable skill set would be to completely ignore the true gains from the program.

Software Developer at The Program
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
John Ellison

The Firehose Project is really a standard above the rest and you would do well to invest time and money there. If you're interested in getting a job as a web developer, I highly recommend you choose The Firehose Project.

Founder and Product Designer at Prosper
Ethan Siegel

There are a lot of good bootcamp programs out there but what sets Firehose apart is the personal attention you get.

Junior Developer at eSped.com
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala