Erin Kim

Test-Driven Development, algorithms, and working on a group project are fundamental to landing a technical job. Thanks to Firehose, I got those skills.

Art Genome Project at Artsy
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
David Lee

This was by far one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.

Web Developer at Salon Lofts
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Tyler Pendleton

I feel that I am prepared to take on a job in this field. I owe that to the wonderful instruction at The Firehose Project.

Front End Developer at VSA Partners
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Denis Martens

I cannot underestimate how worthwhile the Firehose experience was for me. It is a very well-run bootcamp and I especially realized how fast I was learning during the bootcamp when I was back to learning on my own.

Software Engineer at Cloudistics
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Jeff Kingswood

It is easy to imagine that people who are inventing new software are creative geniuses who came out of the womb knowing C++. The best thing Firehose did for me is give me the confidence that I can learn these things.

Web Developer at ConnXus
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Joseph Ferrairo

Firehose gave me the foundation to get my first software engineering role. If you are willing to put the time and effort in, Firehose can help you make the jump into the software engineering world.

Developer I at Liaison International
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Max Ernst

I received a job offer mid-course and the course subject matter was as current, if not more so, than where I started working. In addition, the mentors were great and very responsive to any questions. Can't recommend it enough.

Software Engineer at PrintFly, Inc.
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Brendan O'Brien

I’m learning something new every day... and most important, I enjoy work again. I get to see the impact of my contribution almost daily.

Software Engineer
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Brad Habenicht

In my technical interview, I mentioned all the algorithms I learned at Firehose, and the lead developer immediately engaged.

Web Developer at Openarc
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Vincent Chin

They train you to become a self-sufficient developer. When I finished the program, I was confident that I could teach myself anything.

Frontend Developer at Amper Music, Inc.
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
RJ Dellecese

The agile team project really took my learning/knowledge to the next level in a way that no number of tutorial apps ever could have.

Junior Rails Developer at Annkissam
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Sandra Harrasser

I honestly feel I really got every penny worth of education. I have a job that I really enjoy, and I make money while doing something I love.

Developer/Designer at Now Build Inc.
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Josh Zandman

You feel part of a team that wants to help each other become better coders and encourage each other in so many ways. It's freaking amazing.

Ruby on Rails Developer at Venture360
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Takehiro Mouri

The Firehose Project has given me the knowledge to learn coding on my own. It has given me a skill that I can turn into a profession. And mostly, it has given me a lifelong passion.

Web Developer
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Sean Lovinger

It is a great course that only continues to get better as new improvements to the UI and new additions to the curriculum are added. This, built on top of an incredible community of both friendly and super smart people really make The Firehose Project amazing.

Software Engineer at Spokane Software Solutions
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Aditya Palepu

I was a computer science major at school, and I seriously learned more about development in the first 4 weeks of this program than I had in 4 years [at Duke University].

Freelance Web Developer
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Dakota Bryant

Firehose not only teaches you how to code, but how to learn as well. The fact of the matter is that you won't find a better program.

Front End Web Developer at Gitwit Creative
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Dave Savatski

The group project was outstanding. We implemented continuous integration, Test-Driven Development, SCRUM meetings, and an Agile process. I am very excited to get paid to code full-time with a great company in the town that I live.

Associate Software Developer at Zywave
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Aleks Real

When I started, I was a college student with virtually no coding skills and now I have a job working as a mobile engineer working at a startup and I'm loving it.

Mobile Engineer at Velvet Ropes
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala
Aaron Washburn

As I've been interviewing in the field I find that I have repeatedly come back to the group project during interviews as an example of my development experience. It certainly helped as I landed an awesome job less than 2 months out from the program.

Web Developer at Cohealo
Firehose GraduateAlec Babala