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We believe that great people know more great people. We want to be able to thank our incredible members and graduates for spreading the word about Firehose Project and helping us grow our community.

Friends at their laptops

for you - the referrer

$150 in the bank

We'll give you $50 for every eligible person that you refer, and then another $100 when they sign up for our Full-Stack Web Development Program.

Friends working on a project

for them - the referral

$250 discount & extra career support

Your friends are in good hands if you refer them to us. We'll give them a $250 discount off the Program and provide an additional, tailored career support session with one of our mentors. 

how our program works


Step 1


Complete the Referral Form for the person you wish to recommend. If the person is eligible, you'll receive your first $50.

Step 2


Our Student Advisor will contact the person you referred to make sure that our Program is a good fit for their goals.

Step 3


If our Program is a good fit for the person, they'll be able to join Firehose Project and start working towards their new career as a web developer.

Step 4


Once the person is in our Program for a month, you'll get the additional $100 and the person will receive their $250 discount.


Your questions answered

Who can join our Referral Program?

Members and graduates of our Full-Stack Web Development Program are able to join our Referral Program.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

The short answer is, no. You can refer as many eligible people as you would like.

So, what makes a person eligible to be referred?

We define an eligible person as someone who wants to change careers and become a Web Developer.

How will I receive payment?

We can either deposit the money into your PayPal account or pay you via a direct deposit.

When will the first $50 be paid to me?

The first $50 will be paid once we are able to chat with your eligible referral over the phone.

When will the additional $100 be paid to me?

The additional $100 will be made after your referral is in the Program for 30 days.

When will the referral receive their discount?

Your referral will receive their discount after their first monthly payment is made. If they pay the full amount upfront, the discount will be applied immediately.

Can the Referral Program be combined with a Scholarship offer?

If someone comes through the Referral Program and ultimately accepts a Scholarship, they will not be eligible for the $250 discount. However, you will still be paid your $150.


referral program

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