How Do Online Coding Bootcamps Work?

Online coding bootcamps are a more flexible approach to the coding bootcamp model. They offer the same rigor and intensity of in-person bootcamps, but students can learn during hours that work best for them.

Not all online coding bootcamps are the same, but there are some general characteristics that you should know about how they work.

1. Online Coding Bootcamps Do Support Through Video Chat and Platform Features

Because students who enroll in online coding bootcamps work on their own, it's essential for bootcamps to provide support. Online coding bootcamps tend to do this through 1-on-1 mentorship (done through video calls), always-on help (done through a forum), and community features (done on the online platform) that facilitate peer-learning among students.

2. Online Coding Bootcamps Provide Flexible Learning

In an online coding bootcamp, you're not restricted to following the exact pace and direction of everyone in your classroom. This opens up the opportunity for you to explore projects and concepts that you find interesting based on past experiences and discussions with your mentor.

In a webinar with a select group of online coding bootcamp students, bootcamp review site Course Report spoke with Stephen Foung, a graduate of Firehose about how he took advantage of the flexible nature of the program.

3. The Experience of an Online Coding Bootcamp is Similar to that of Working Remotely as a Developer

You need to develop independence, work ethic, and eventually the ability to execute things without following detailed instructions. Like a professional developer, you'll interact with others regularly, through video chat, slack channels, and online forums. Doing so will help prepare you to solve problems in a similar way to how it's done in the real world.

There Are Many More Things to Know About How Online Coding Bootcamps Work.

Online coding bootcamps aren't for everyone, but they are certainly a viable path to becoming a developer or launching your own idea. If you're thinking about joining one, you might want to checkcout and bookmark our blog post below.

23 things to know about online coding bootcamps

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