Is software taking over the world?

"In short, software is eating the world."

Marc Andreessen penned this famous line back in 2011, and it's even more true now than it was back then.

Let's start with a few facts.

  • The wheel was invented in approximately 3000BC.
  • The Industrial Revolution happened between 1760-1840 (almost 5,000 years later).
  • The Wright Brothers made their first flight in 1903 (60 years later).
  • Soviets put a satellite in space in 1957 (50 years later).
  • Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969. And to bring it home the Apollo Guidance Computer processed 41.6 instructions/second.
  • An iPhone 6 processes about 3.36 billion instructions/second. This means that the technology in your pocket has the computing power that would be needed in 1960 to guide 120 million Apollo rockets to the moon at the same time.

Technology is Evolving

Computers and technology are evolving at an increasingly rapid pace and are becoming only more and more ingrained in our workplaces and everyday life. Not surprisingly, the growth of technology has led to the growth of technology-related jobs and will continue to do so.

It makes sense. With so many industries now becoming software-driven, the demand for people who understand how to work with software has increased. Think about all the different types of companies that now rely on people who can code:


Consumer Technology Companies

When you think of where developers work, these are the first types of companies that come to mind. Places like Facebook, Snapchat, Uber and many more rely on software engineers to build their products at scale for a lot of users.

Business Technology Companies

Companies like 37Signals, Mailchimp, and Salesforce solve real business problems using software. And businesses are willing to pay an incredible amount of money for people who can solve their core business problems.

Ad Tech

Companies are spending billions of dollars to communicate with their customers through advertising platforms.



Companies like Apple, PayPal, LevelUp, Square and many more now operating in the payments space. With this influx of new players, the demand for developers is growing more now than ever.

Video Game Companies

Regardless of the game, be it Angry Birds or a console game built by a massive company like Blizzard, software engineers will always be in demand in the video game industry.

Media Companies

The biggest websites, like Huffington Post and Upworthy, are built on top of custom tech stacks that allow them to publish content in a way that works for them at scale. The News and Journalism industries are moving more and more to the Internet, and these companies rely heavily on software to support multimedia content for the largest possible audience.


Software developers build libraries of digital knowledge. Digital assets are replacing physical books at schools across the world, and university departments employ software developers to keep their digital footprint up and running.

Embedded Devices

Physical goods are increasingly becoming more driven by software components, and developers need to write the software needed for them to work. Devices that need software include things like FitBit, iWatches, Next and many, many more.

Many Other Industries

Plenty of other industries need developers, too. There are software engineers at companies like Ford, the car company. If you look into it, they have a ton of positions on their site. In fact, the entire automobile industry is shifting more and more towards software, as self-driving cars are getting closer and closer to becoming part of our everyday lives.

Industries like insurance, mortgages, new cars, mortgage refinancing are some other examples. Government regulation industries, the military, and even Fox News hires computer programmers.

People say stuff like, "software is eating the world," because it's true. In 2017, most industries leverage technology for their advantage. These companies need people who can speak the language of computers: code. The world's increasing reliance on technology to get things done is making software development more important than ever. And since technology keeps improving, it has never been a better time to be a developer.

Coder's CompassAlec Babala