Get Paid In Your Free Time

Train aspiring web developers

Firehose's Full-Stack Web Developer Accelerator is an intensive online web development training program that gives members with limited coding background the skills they need to achieve their goals.

Each member gets matched with an awesome trainer like you. You and your trainee will spend one hour peer week, pair programming and going over coding concepts in a video chat.

We only allow top-notch trainers on our program and include senior web developers at PayPal, VPs of Engineering at successful TechStars companies, and awesome people, like you!

How it works

Take a new web developer under your wing and help them master their craft and achieve their dreams.

  • Our trainers take a student under their wing, pair program with them for one-hour per week and guide them towards their personal coding goal.
  • Throughout each week, students work on building several web applications, solve real-world coding challenges, starting from FizzBuzz all the way to Reversing Linked Lists, Depth First and Breadth First Search. Students then build a chess game web app using TDD as a team.

Who We Look For

We know you’re really good at web development. Here’s what we place the most value on:

  • You’ve trained junior web developers before, love giving advice and feel good when you’re teaching somebody something new
  • Empathy for beginning web developers
  • You can ship a web app using Ruby, Rails and SQL with your eyes closed
  • You know Active Record Relations in depth, understand OOP and can write algorithms

What You Get

Firehose Project mentors are paid generously on a per student fee for every hour long mentorship session.

Being a role model and getting the eternal gratitude from countless Firehose Project students that graduated under your guidance is its very special and own reward, but a little bit of extra spending money in your pocket can’t hurt either.

Interested? Here's the next step...

First, send us an email with a link to your github account and we'll reach out to you with details about the next steps.

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