The Coding Bootcamp Landscape

Coding bootcamps arose out of the widening gap between the demand for software jobs and the supply of qualified engineers to fill them.

Bootcamps teach people with little to no technical coding background how to write code and build applications on a professional level in about 15-44 weeks. They focus on high-impact learning and teach students the most market-relevant skills to put them in a position to land jobs.

If you're thinking about joining a coding bootcamp, you should understand 2 key things:

  • The full bootcamp landscape
  • The different types of bootcamps

Let's jump into the full coding bootcamp landscape and help you figure out how to evaluate the different options.

The Full Coding Bootcamp Landscape

In its 2016 Coding Bootcamp Market Sizing Report, Course Report, a leading bootcamp research and review site, identified the common trends that are beginning to emerge. Market growth, average student investment, average program duration, and language preference are all helpful pieces of information that are important to know as you dive into the research process.

Since the demand for software developers is only increasing, we can expect the bootcamp industry to grow even more in the near future.

One detail that is not shown in this infographic is the rise of the online bootcamp model. We'll get to this next.

The Different Types of Bootcamps

There are two distinct types of bootcamps: in-person bootcamps and online bootcamps. There are pros and cons to each option, and the key to figuring out which option works best for you comes down to evaluating all of the criteria that should go into your decision. We've put together a comparison chart of the two options to help.

Bootcamps also offer different types of payment structures. Most charge an upfront tuition cost, but some take a percentage of your first job's salary instead. It's important to understand what both of these options mean for you financially and figure out what works best for you.

To sum things up, there really isn't a "best coding bootcamp option." The best option is just the one that vibes best with your learning style, goals, and ability to take on risk.

Coder's CompassAlec Babala