Coding Hacks to Help You Level Up

Programming is hard. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be worth learning. But because it's difficult to learn to code, it's essential to pick up some useful tools and strategies along the way to help you in your journey. These can range from simple mindset hacks to practical problem-solving tips, to technical interview tricks that you can use once you're ready to take on the job search to become a professional developer. Here are 3 of the best.

The Most Important Mindset Hack For New Programmers

If you're finding yourself frustrated in your path to learning to code, that's completely normal. But there's also a key mindset that you can implement to empower you to keep moving forward. Click below to learn more.

The key mindset you can implement in 8 minutes

The Problem-Solving Tip That Can Change Everything

In programming, you're going to run into problems, error messages, and situations in which your code isn't doing what you think it should be doing. When this happens, there's one common strategy that you can use.

The Google hack you can learn in 10 minutes

The Trick That Helps You Master The Technical Interview

Have you ever been in an interview and had someone ask you if you have experience with something that you do not have experience with? Unless you're a super-genius (maybe you are), this has probably happened. There's a trick that can help you navigate this common situation.

The phrase that lets you admit what you don't know

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